In Revolution has been online since mid-October, 2009. Despite the nods to Utena that can be found all over this site, our url came from a completely different source: my favorite love song, Gravity by Vienna Teng. It may seem excessive, but this is actually the sixth web domain I'd owned in the past decade, starting in 2001 and including a three-year hiatus that ended when this site was purchased. So I might also have been in need of a name that would inspire me to reinvent myself online, although that wasn't a conscious decision.

It's been a long and winding road from my first attempts at webmastery on Angelfire and Geocities to here and now. Many shrines, series, and cliques were adored and then abandoned along the way. Previous offenders have included my best-beloved, along with other less long-lived projects and a multitude of jointly owned or hosted sites.

But with that little nod to the past behind us, let's move forwards and into the present.

YURIkuma Arashi
in Revolution V4 : Sun and Moon

Each girl saw her own reflection in the mirror. They heard a voice say: Now, your friend is waiting on the other side of that door. If you smash the "You" in the mirror to bits, if you tear it apart, she shall Grant you a promise kiss. But Beware, this may cost you your life. I will ask you one more time: is your love the real thing?

— Yurikuma episode 6: The Moon Girl and the Forest Girl

Our current layout features the heroines of Yurikuma Arashi, which is Ikuhara Kunihiko's most recent animated project. While the show never comes close to the aesthetic style or critical clarity of Revolutionary Girl Utena, I still enjoyed it for what it was and appreciate any discussion of the dual-edged sword that is the shaming and fetishism women who love women are still subjected to. I don't want to mislead anyone — there's a lot of objectionable content in YKA and Ikuhara is far from a perfect choice to speak for girls. He often can't do it without getting bogged down in fanservice. But personally, I have a soft spot for even the most misguided of attempts. (Also: for unbearable puns.)