This is Live and in Plastic, a website that is a personal labor of love. It's the online home of Aeda and Cori, two Asian ball-joint dolls.

Known for their beauty, poseability, and their top-quality production values, ball-joint dolls are more than just collectors pieces. Completely customizable, their sense of personality goes above and beyond the norm for even the most collectable doll. That's why I've devoted my time and styling efforts to two of them.

My philosophy is that BJDs are most interesting when they're out there interacting with the world, so expect to see a varied set of locations in the very near future. When taken out and about, they're a wonderful window into the world of photography, especially in a setting such as New York City.

This is in no way a commercial project or affiliated with any places or products that might show up in my photos. It's just good fun and a chance to run a small photography gallery.

new photoshoot


Aeda in a snowy world

Who says that you shouldn't brave the elements for a great picture? Taking my doll out into the cold produced some spectacular shots.
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