Face-Up Done by me. I wanted to give Aeda a more natural look than the DOD standards, with a focus on natural blushing and soft lips. My favorite part was giving him a playful, unique smattering of freckles across his nose.

Personality Gentle and slightly childish, but sunny and zen. A little bit of the wide-eyed with wonderment type, but so long as it makes him happy, who cares? A few years younger than Cori, and harbors a little bit of a kid crush on her. Would never tell.

Con Appearances Katsucon 06, Katsucon 07, Anime Expo 08, Sakura Matsuri 09


Gender: Male
Type: Dream of Doll D.O.C. Yen
Size: MSD
Eyes: Green 16mm half round acrylic eyes
Hair: Yen standard (model # unknown)
Arrived: January 2006

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