Face-Up Done by me. Cori actually does have "make-up" as well as blush, but not your typical eyeshadow and lipstick! Instead, she has an opaque white shadow under her eyes (made to look almost like body glitter.) Her eyelashes are also tipped in white "mascara." Cori was originally a catgirl doll, but due to wig choice this was scrapped.

Personality A little older and more outgoing than Aeda, but also more practical and cautious. A good thing when you're the one who enjoys The City more.

Con Appearances Anime Expo 08, Sakura Matsuri 09


Gender: Female
Type: Dollzone Limited Shoyo-3
Size: MSD
Eyes: Violet 16mm Dollzone 0511 Eyes
Hair: Dollmore Charming Curl (Black)
Arrived: October 2008

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