"Do you want to go outside?"
"No. The lights are pretty, but they're not for me.
Not ever..."

Ran is one of the rarest and most powerful of all the sorcerer children- a three leaf Clover. With his powers, he is able to warp and control the electronic world. Because of this he has lived much of his life alone with his two brothers in a secret area known as the cage. Ran seems to abhor the danger his powers put the world in, and is willing to be hidden and controlled, but he longs to make a life for himself without them.

"You might be able to transcend being a Clover."

Although Ran is physically childish, his thoughts and desires are complex. This is shown in his every action and careful judgments. True, he is extremely sheltered, but always through his own powers. And he also has it within his power to try and make his dreams come true, if only he can untie his bonds...

"Please look after the boy. Is this an inconvenience?"
"Then it's a command."

A Commander in the Secret Service division, Gingetsu is a man who seems to keep a tight military control on himself at all times. Although this makes him one of Clover's most enigmatic characters, and not exactly an easy man to cozy up to, it does not mean that he doesn't have friendships, and some deep-seated empathy. In fact, Gingetsu posseses a pure kind of heroism seldom found.

"The Gingetsu I know would never do this. You've changed, my boy. Especially since adjutant Kazuhiko Ryu's arrival under your command."

As the story of Clover progresses, Gingetsu is seen more and more as a human being, a man who will place others far above himself, and less as a cold fighter. But the depths of his character are not shown until the tale of his past with Ran is revealed...