"There were three three-leaf Clovers. One died. One remains in the cage. And the other... has departed."

Clover Project. A government plan to classify and control all children with sorcerous powers. Those who are too strong to be controlled are placed in confinement, supposedly for the good of all involved. The world's only "four-leaf" Clover has agreed to live her life alone. The "three-leafs" have not.

"In your arms / I will be reborn. For myself I / will be reborn."

One three-leaf Clover has left the cage, abandoning the twin he can no longer bear to live with. The military is alerted- and ordered to find him at all costs.

"You must be C. Come with us."
"I'm not going back."

C uses his powers against his wouldbe captors. Moments later, a single man arrives on the scene to take him-- not back to the cage, but to his own home.

"What are you going to do with me?"
"What do you want me to do?"

For the first time in his life, C has met someone who has only one command for him; 'Do whatever you like.' Still, he knows that this man is from the military, and that his safe harbor can only be temporary. He asks to speak with the council, to explain his actions.

"You know that B is dead."
"Yes. And I know how."
"If I remain there, A will kill again."

A betrayal of his brother. A betrayal that will keep the three-leafs from overriding the council and escaping forever. A chance to live outside the cage. He is reminded that outside that place where time has stood still for so long, he will age rapidly. He will be dead in five years. He knows that, but this is the only choice he has.

"Secret Service Unit Commander Gingetsu. Your orders are to protect the three-leaf in your care."
"They say you'll discover happiness if you find a clover. But how will a Clover find happiness?"

They learn to live together. Gingetsu admires C for his choices, but is moved to compassion due to his sadness. C discovers that to live with another human being who asks for nothing from you but offers support despite this is no bad thing. He could even be happy with this man, his keeper.

"How can you be happy without me?"

Anger. Because of his brother's happiness, the final three-leaf is spurred into action. To find his brother. To kill anyone else who can make him feel that way.

"Why are you here? Is it because of him? So now you don't need me anymore?"
"That's not it! A!"

In a rage, A moves to deliver a killing stroke to Gingetsu, but C intervenes.

"I'll kill myself before I let you kill again."

Anger becomes fear. In the face of this ultimatum, A agrees that they must live apart. But he extracts from his brother a promise. They will always be linked, able to feel each other's emotions. If C ever loves anyone else, he will attack again. A departs, and C cries himself to sleep. While he is resting, The Wizards, leaders of the government, council Gingetsu on what to do. One thing is for sure: C will never return to the cage.

"I can keep him here. It is completely secured."

"But you're a two leaf. There's no way I can allow you to coexist with a three-leaf."

In order to keep the boy with him, Gingetsu agrees to implant a 'kill' device within himself. If he or his charge ever cause trouble, the council will have the power to destroy him.

"It's going to put you in trouble!"
"Are you planning to make trouble?"
"No, but..!"
"Do you have anywhere else to go?"
"I want to stay here!"
"Then stay."

C will live with Gingetsu. Gingetsu introduces the boy to his friend Kazuhiko as 'Ran'. He has been reborn, with a new name, a new life, and someone to live it with.

"For you I will be reborn ..."