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Clover is a short and supposedly incomplete series by master mangaka group CLAMP. Despite the fact that it was originally supposed to conclude at five volumes, and only four were ever produced, the story holds together well. Many of the details of Clover's broken down steampunk world remain mysterious, but the characters that populate it are strong, intense people- and most of them have heartbreaking backgrounds to match.

As the ostensible main character, Kazuhiko is the person whose life the story follows most closely, yet apart from the plot we still have only a few details. We know that he's young, probably only in his mid twenties. We know that despite this he was once deputy commander of a Secret Operations Special Unit (Black Ops)... a military position the he insubordinately quit after the death of his lover, Oruha. Despite this, and the six court martials he has to his name, the military continues to call on him as a private contractor for the most dangerous of jobs. On his last mission, Kazuhiko becomes the bodyguard for a lonely girl whose life is linked to his own past, and to the deepest military coverups of his country.

Kazuhiko and Suu

Ryu Fei
That's the story, but what about the man? Well, Kazuhiko was a leading member of the secret service, chosen for the results he always achieved no matter how reckless his action, and perhaps for the close and trusting bond he had formed with his commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Gingetsu. He's a man with an attitude: cocky and insubordinate, but his confidence is earned and his judgment is balanced and trustworthy. Behind that is a good heart and a deep empathy for the people who deserve it, which he expresses with casual affection or stoic camaraderie, depending on the person.

Despite his loyalty to individuals, he ultimately follows his own moral code, refusing to engage enemy soldiers who are defensive rather than offensive, and resisting orders that he doesn't feel are right. His hatred seems to be reserved for those who act unjustly or to suit only their own needs. Even the death of the woman he loves was never enough to subsume his personality-- he's become driven without being entirely desperate, and he remains respected and even liked.