the lovers

Kazuhiko and Oruha are one of those rare couples who seemed to be entirely perfect for each other. Two people, both leading full, diverse, dedicated lives that overlapped and intertwined without ever smothering the other's. Despite the fact that in some ways they knew very little about each other -- Kazuhiko was a Black Ops soldier, after all, and Oruha clearly never spoke about her life before the recent launch of her singing career -- they loved each other for what they were, and didn't for a moment let the precious time they spent together be wasted.

Of course, if you're here at this website you probably know how their relationship ended. Oruha was born with the power to predict the moment of her own death, and knowing that neither of them could change it she never shared her secret with her lover. And so she was shot onstage while performing by an unknown assailant, leaving Kazuhiko devastated but still in control of himself and his actions, determined to discover who was responsible for this cruel twist of fate, and setting in motion all the many threads of CLOVER's plot.

But it's not the story arc that endears these two characters to me most. It's the way they love each other, care, and in their own ways protect as they can. The sweet, silly, and insightful moments they share never fail to make me smile, and it's my hope in managing this site that there are others who feel the same.