The Site

You could probably say that this is a fanshrine that's been in the making for years. I've loved Rikuou ever since I first came across the series and the roughest of translations online, ages and ages ago.

However, being offered a potential chance to own Rikuou's fanlisting was what pushed me to finally get to work. I have Saya to thank for that, and by extension Pam. Both of them owned the fanlisting portion of the site before me. I have been very lucky in attaining my absolute, number one "kill-for" 'listing. I hope to make this a really great site.


This site's textual content was last updated on May 25th, 2010. This does not pertain to the fanlisting. It is turning in revolution.

Links Out

Gouhou Drug is copyrights of CLAMP, and no disrespect or infringement is intended by the operation of this site. I would like to take this opportunity to link to Clamp-Net.Com, the groups' official site.

Most of the other GD sites I used to frequent have unfortunately closed up shop, but I certainly must link to Remedy, the fanshrine that started it all online, to Not A Coincidence, the approved fanlisting for the series, and to the livejournal community, which is not terribly active but is still probably the best source for fannish activity surrounding the series.

TURNING IN REVOLUTION. fanlisting adopted from SAYA and PAM, with thanks. background created with help from BGPATTERNS.