Listed below are my current works. I've run many others in the past, but what you'll find here are websites I still love and feel I can stand behind. These range from static, self-contained pages to slowly growing projects, and even include nods to a few future plans. (Not too many, though. I'm trying to keep myself honest.)

First up are my Collectives — a term whose meaning is somewhat ambiguous. I think of these webpages as a connecting hub or gateway, if you will, to smaller sites that were cast from a similar mold.

THE CONSTANT SATELLITE (Fanlistng Collective)
The constant satellite

Online Since:
April 7th 2009
Status: Active
'listings Owned: 30
NEWEST Site: Retrospective

I love the sense of community that fanlistings foster. Although most fan activity has relocated to faster moving, more ephemeral platforms, I am proud to maintain these lists and help connect past and future fans.

Shrines, on the other hand, are a chance to show my love and share information and/or personal opinions in specific fandoms. Below are tributes, large or small, completed or under construction, to some of my very favorite series and characters.

CAGES OR WINGS? (Clover Collective)
Cages or Wings?

Probably my favorite manga of all time: deceptively short, audaciously detailed, and Deeply emotional. at this time the Shrine's subsections all revolve around specific characters and relationships, but i want to expand the main site to include general information and praise for the "Project" as a whole someday.

Online Since: December 24th 2009
Status: Static (75% Complete)

Princess Charming

one of my earliest shrines, and the site that has bounced from host to host most frequently, PC is finally coming back to my flagship domain. i love Anthy in all her incarnations, but the vivid presence and beautiful self-actualization we see in Adolescence of utena makes this version of her my very favorite.

Online Since: March 3rd 2002
Status: Static (100% Complete)
Transition: In process (0% complete)

UNDER YOUR SKIN (Riuou Shrine)
Under Your Skin

My forever boy. rikuou is everything I love about CLAMP's specific brand of (anti)hero. And while the group's on-again/off-again relationship with his series is extremely frustrating, it does mean I've had quite literally years to speculate about his history.

Online Since: August 23rd 2010
Status: On the Backburner (10% Complete)

Personal sites may not be of as much interest to my guests, but they're very important to me as a creative outlet and a private indulgence. Humor me?

LIVE & IN PLASTIC (Ball-Joint Dolls)
Live & In Plastic

Online Since:
May 26th 2009
Status: On the Backburner (90% Complete)
Dolls Owned: 3 (2/3 profiles online)

I was always been fond of the concept of "The last doll" from a little princess, so it's no surprise i would be drawn to the delicate and detailed world of BJDs. I'm not the most attentive owner, but I'm happy to have somewhere I can showcase my toys.


A planned Layout archive, though i haven't decided whether it would include all my designs or only a few select favorites. Very much TBD.